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45 years: My 45 pieces of advice to you!

Today is a special day for all of us because, like every single day, we will experience it only once in our lifetime. For me, however, it is rather more special: it is my birthday!

Now we all know that some people are hesitant to reveal just how many years have passed since they came into the world (ladies in particular!) but having shared so many personal experiences with you in my blogs and presentations, I have no reason to be shy about telling you such a detail: I am 45!

These 45 years have passed so quickly, leaving their mark on me and within me. Over time, I may have developed a few wrinkles, lost a lot of hair (and some of what remains of it is going grey) but the substantial changes of the last 45 years cannot be seen with the naked eye. I call them life’s teachings and, for the fourth time, I have decided to share them with you in the hope of helping you minimize your mistakes and maximize your impact on both a personal and professional level.

Here are my 45pieces of advice to you.

1.       Your first goal in life is to be happy

2.       Nothing is permanent (my dad’s advice)

3.       Nothing too big not to fail (my dad’s advice)

4.       You are responsible for the positive memory you leave behind

5.       The best way to brand yourself is to do good

6.       ‘Trust’ is the new currency

7.       Don’t ask to be trusted, act to be trusted

8.       Trust is the art of keeping your promises

9.       The best way to start your day is with a smile

10.  If you set out to be average odds are you will

11.  Passion makes you first stand up and then stand out

12.  Hope is a strategy that starts in the mind

13.  How does a ‘great week’ begin? It begins with appreciation and gratitude

14.  Aim high but keep your feet on the ground

15.  Keep fit

16.  Keep hopeful

17.  Keep away from dream-smashers

18.  Keep dreaming

19.  You have to get up to go up

20.  Your family is your best start-up

21.  Your enthusiasm differentiates you

22.  Most people buy your passion before they buy your product or service

23.  Join forces with honesty

24.  Self development is your best investment in life

25.  Have patience because things do not always work out as you expect

26.  Differentiation is key

27.  Plan your life as you would plan your holidays

28.  There will always be grey days and great days

29.  Turn transactions into interactions

30.  Prove value first

31.  Mentorship is the shortcut to success

32.  Value is the enemy of price

33.  Have values or have regrets

34.  Your limitations are the limits you set for yourself

35.  Make gratitude the best part of your attitude

36.  Limit your exposure to negative people

37.  Believe in yourself because that’s who you will spend the most time with

38.  The secret to a great performance is preparation

39.  Search for a coach before you search for success

40.  Stars fall, values don’t

41.  The best gifts come from the heart

42.  Believe in miracles because you are one of them

43.  A marriage is a ‘partnership’ in a home

44.  A partnership is a ‘marriage’ in an office

45.  Your last goal in life is to leave a legacy

At the end of the day, dear friends, the biggest lesson and the best teacher of all is life itself. The best birthday present you can give me today is the one that you have been giving me every year since I began writing these blog posts: your presence in my life by following, supporting and sharing my work with the people that matter most in your lives. For this I thank each and every one of you from the bottom of my heart!

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 2 Responses 

  1. Pan

    Happy birthday coach.

  2. Louisa Georgiou

    Happy Birthday Michael! 🙂

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