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With over 15 years’ experience of public speaking, Michael Virardi,  has given more than 300 speeches, addresses and presentations during this time. In the past two years alone, Michael has addressed 20,000 people in 12 countries.

Michael is also a TEDx speaker. He spoke in 2013 in Nicosia (Cyprus) with the title “A Good Boy” and in 2014 in Ankara (Turkey) with the title “The Circle of Trust!”

An avid reader and visiting lecturer at four Universities: University College London, University of Lausanne, The Swiss Education Group and the University of Cyprus.

Michael believes that the tools to grow and become successful are inherent within us all. And these are: drive, passion, will-power and knowledge applied.

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Lecturer, Coach and Author

Last but not least, he is a best-selling author with his book “Positive Impact! 26 simple ways to boost your business and your life!” You can download his best selling book from Amazon or through His latest book “Crisis? Let’s Beat it!”, which is on the 5 pillars of self-development, has also become a best-selling book and is featured on Amazon. You can purchase it by clicking here: download Michael’s latest book.