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Coaching for Public Speaking



Afraid of public speaking?

Many people have lots to say but, when faced with an audience, they fail to express it in a persuasive and inspiring manner. Everyone communicates to a degree but very few people actually connect. If you believe that you are one of them…

…then do something about it!

  • If you are a leader and you want to be more persuasive and inspiring…
  • If you believe that you have the ideas but not the technique to become a great speaker…
  • If you simply have things to say but you don’t know how to capture an audience…

Here’s a chance to change your life! Learn from someone who has mastered the art of public speaking and made a successful career of talking to people and inspiring them.

Michael Virardi now offers one-on-one personal coaching to those who are serious about public speaking, whether for career development purposes or with the aim of becoming a professional inspiring motivational speaker. Using his own wealth of experience, Michael will show you how to connect with an audience and leave a lasting impression on your listeners.

Put an end to stage fright, improve your presentational skills and hone your speaking ability. If you have things to say, it’s worth learning the simple yet effective techniques that will leave your audience wanting more.

Contact Michael today to learn more about his dedicated public speaking coaching and training course.


ADDRESS FOR SUCCESS! Speaking in Public: How to Win Over an Audience



On 16 May 2015, Michael lectured on “Public Speaking & Branding Yourself” at the University of Lausanne, Switzerland. The students later implemented the techniques and skills that they had been shown during the one-day Presentation Skills course. The video below shows one of his students, Vikram Chand, giving a speech on “Overcoming your comfort zone”. See whether Vikram connects with you.


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