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Michael Virardi presentation in Larnaca for the Pancyprian Lyceum!

A one hour motivational and highly inspirational speech based on the five (5) pillars of success, which has been meticulously designed to give my young audience hope in times like the ones we are now experiencing. Its further intent is to give young teenagers a belief in their own creative and unique powers to design a better future for themselves and realise their aspirations.

The speech is focused around the five (5) pillars of personal and professional success, which are applicable both in times of economic downturns as well as during times of prosperity.

  1. ATTITUDE (Η διάθεση είναι το ήμισυ του παντός) – A positive attitude is a requisite for success. An explanation of how your attitude will determine your altitude;
  2. 2vs1 (Οι αναλογίες του Θεού) – God gave us two ears and one mouth and we should use them in that proportion. Making my audience comprehend how listening and understanding your customers or employers’ needs should be a priority, and how speaking and giving value will then flourish;
  3. 10,000 HOURS (10,000 ώρες) –It takes that much time to become an expert in your own field. I analyse and justify this amount of hours and how one must be careful and cautious where they invest their time. That ultimately no one can do your push-ups for you!
  4. THE “KILLING ZONE” (Η ζώνη που ‘στοιχίζει’)- The ‘killing zone’ is our comfort zone, the zone which provides everything but comfort! I encourage my audience to move out of their comfort zone and grow.
  5. THE GOD WITHIN (Ο Θεός μέσα σου) – Last but not least, I talk about ‘enthusiasm’ and the Greek root of the word which is ‘en-theo’ and translates to ‘The God within’. I guide my audience to fathom that their greatest asset is nothing more than their enthusiasm and passion and how this should be applied in all

PS: This speech was sponsored by Petrolina. A special thank you to Georgia Lefkaritis.