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Katri Kuuse, Head of HR Ericsson Supply Site Tallinn


Thank you Michael for being part of our Personal Innovation Day and supporting to make this particular day perfect! Your speech was energizing and great food for thought to everyone. I would like to highlight the “Circle of Trust™” and how this is influencing our everyday life. We forget things which seem to be really logical and natural for us- so for sure they are needed as time to time reminders. Supporting each other and running towards thr same goal, as you said, is a must for sure! As you said we have only two options: to be positive or to be very positive!


Galina Georgieva, HR Director, GlaxoSmithKline 


The experience we lived through together as a team is worth remembering for a life time. Thank you.


Jojo ScariaRegional CIO & Sr. IT Director, McDonald’s Middle East Development Company  


It was a great pleasure to have met you and attended your short program on leadership. You were able to connect and engage with a large CIO/CFO group and presented like an insider talking our language. With credible evidence, you have successfully laid the seeds of positive engagement and collaboration into the mind of these leaders which I believe is critical for our success. Borrowing words from our CFO, your session was of high quality and with the right impact. Looking forward to working with you in future.


Richard Pettinger, UCL, Principal Teaching Fellow (Reader) in Management Education, Programme Director

This is to express our very grateful thanks and sincere appreciation for delivering such an outstanding pair of lectures for us here over the past week. These lectures, delivered to very different audiences, were truly inspirational in delivery, as well as containing some universal and eternal truths – truths that everyone needs to learn, know and understand. Additionally and crucially, they provided an excellent, substantial and enduring contribution to the work that we do here at UCL.


Benoit Samson (Chief Brand & Marketing Officer of the Swiss Education Group) & John Daly (IRF Board Member)

Although your address was to more than 300 people from over 80 different nationalities it seemed to transcend boundaries in your ability to speak at a very personal level to a large congregation of people.


Troy Cox, Customer Operations Director, Tipico

Einfaches CMYK


Thank you so much, what a great success. The feedback has been excellent. My team was in the tune of ‘Loved how Michael talked from his own personal experiences’.


Kevin Norville, HR Director, Tipico

Einfaches CMYK


Once again thanks for coming to Malta, the feedback we received has been superb. Let¹s stay in touch as I¹m sure we’ll find more ways to collaborate.


Kristen Deo, Association Manager, JHI Association


It was not only great organizing the event with you but to also be a part of your session.


Thomas A. Kazakos (Director General, Cyprus Shipping Chamber)


Whilst you were delivering the speech, I looked around the room several times, and I could feel that, from the outset until the last minute, you managed to gain an indeed captive audience. You verify in action therefore, the motto ‘Too Much of a Good Thing is Wonderful.


Michael Loizides (Managing Director, EKA Group)

Michael, please accept my congratulations for a job well done! Without a doubt this was the most interesting and rewarding in-house seminar we had at EKA and this view is shared by all members of our top management team and every member of our staff I had the chance to talk to.


Dr. Panikkos Poutziouris (Associate Professor in Entrepreneurship-Family Business, Cyprus International Institute of Management – CIIM)


On behalf of CIIM, many thanks for your insightful and inspirational presentation to our MBA class. The feedback has been phenomenally excellent!! , as per our expectations. Keep the campaign of planting aspirations… it’s a seedbed for our entrepreneurial renewal and anorthosis!


Victoria Kostic-Nola (General Manager, Aker Global Employment Limited at Aker Solutions)



Michael assisted our Teambuilding Exercise back in 2011, and he proved to be an excellent motivator! Some phrases and recommendations delivered still resonate! I would truly recommend his work and effort in shaping up any common goal and corporate ambition.


Nicos Marcou (former Human Resources Manager, Vassiliades Law Firm, and current HR Manager at EY)


Michael was hired as a speaker at the Interlaw EMEA conference of 2011 that was organised by my firm and hosted over 50 lawyers from all over the world. Michael gave one of the most influential and highly creative seminars that consisted of involving the audience, never leaving ones thoughts to stray.


Hanaa Ibsais, (HR Director, Abu-Khader Group, Jordan and the region)


Michael, your Leadership program left a remarkable positive impact on our Executives. You have successfully managed, through your two days with us, to leave a long lasting effect on the way we communicate with each other. Looking forward to working with you on future programs.